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Ražotājs: Roba

€ 192.00

The roba wall wrapping shelf is foldable and easy on the back - these are the special features of our wall changing shelves. With a 47x75cm large winding plate including a changing mat, you get a flexible interior for the nursery. The wall wrapping shelf has the dimensions: H x W x D open / closed: 85x49x76.5 / 17cm, with 2 shelves (depth 12cm). A practical snap closure guarantees easy opening and closing with one hand. The winding bowl is made of shaped wood and is suitable for children up to a weight of 11kg. A soft padded changing mat made of washable film (phthalate-free), with 3-sided raised edge gives the baby a feeling of security when changing.

Base material: plywood
Textile: 65% polyester, 35% cotton 
Filling: polyester fleece
Texture: printed polyurethane-coated
Partial value: Floors: 2 
Age of the child:from 0 to 12 months
Maximum weight:11 kg

A story that started over 85 years ago: roba was founded in 1927 by Robert Baumann, who originally worked as a white cooper. Later, roba developed from a classic cottage industry making wooden toys, to a manufacturer of innovative furniture, toys and accessories. Today, roba is an internationally-operating company with its own production sites in Hungary and in China. The family-run company stands for individual, holistic solutions in the field of life, living and playing with babies and children.