TV mēbele MAN

Ražotājs: Radis

€ 621.00


There are doors on the ends to hide sweets and crosswords. In the middle there is room for equipment or newspapers and a drawer for crosswords. Shuffle your slippers and feel like a royal while watching TV.

Designer Raul Abner.
Self-taught furniture designer who shapes high flung ideas into practical applied arts.

Collection MAN was nominated for Estonian design award Bruno 2016.

Dimensions: 140x44x50cm

Materials: Made of birch plywood, oilwaxed. 

Our materials are environment and people friendly. We care about the environment and avoid production waste creation. 

Valuing Handwork
Most of our products are handmade. Every piece of furniture is assembled according to your wishes. 

Our design language is modest yet memorable. Radis furniture personalises homes and offices.

Component Strength
Our furniture is produced using birch plywood which is a natural, unpretentious, durable material. As finishing, ecological, pure oil wax is used. All drawers and cabinet doors close silently and softly.

Your word matters
All our products are made to order. You choose the colours and we combine components jointly. Only you know your preferences and we promise to act accordingly.