Ražotājs: Woood

€ 592.00

Sofa Elizabeth from the collection of WOOOD Exclusive has a cool and timeless design. With its metal legs, wooden armrests and strong olive green fabric, she makes a retro nod in any interior. Sofa Elizabeth has a slim design and a comfortable seat. Dimensions: The seat height is 45 cm, the seat width 178 cm and the seat depth 51 cm. The armrest has a height of 62 cm, a width of 6 cm and a length of 46 cm. The metal legs are 33 cm high. Cleaning instructions; do not use aggressive agents, remove stains with a cotton cloth and water in round movements, if necessary always test cleaning products on an invisible part of the sofa.
Color: olive green
Material: 76%pes/16%vis/8%li
Dimensions: 78x185x80
Assembly required
Our concept is clear and simple: we produce sturdy, contemporary and attractive furniture: flat packed, mass produced and easy to assemble. Discover the huge range of storage furniture and small furniture solutions from WOOOD. Our product range covers everything from tables to wardrobes and nursery furniture, all products in the pure WOOOD style.WOOOD, more than 35 years the best specialist and know-how for the production and distribution of flat packed solid wood furniture!