Bērnu barojamais krēsliņš ROCK STAR BABY

Ražotājs: Roba

€ 147.00

Evolutionary high chair "Rock Up". Moulded solid wood raised backrest, three point safety harness, integrated wooden side protectors, adjustable height seat and footboard. Seat height 44,5-58cm, gray lacquered.
The high chair converted to chair is meant for children of up to 154 pounds of body weight.
Warning: Always use the restraint system!
Warning: Do not leave your children sitting in the chair unattended. They could fall off while attempting to climb out of it.
Children who cannot sit on their own yet should not be seated in the chair.
Bear in mind that repeated sitting for hours can harm the backs of infants. Hence they should be seated on their chair only during meals or briefly occasionally.
Ensure to fasten all belts correctly!
Warning: Always make sure that the high chair is safe and steady before using it - Check your child's posture regularly and adjust the chair's height to that of your child's as and when necessary.
Use the high chair only if none of the parts is missing, broken or cracked.
Use the high chair only if all the components have been properly fitted and adjusted. -
Keep the high chair away from open flames or other strong heat sources like electric heating rods, gas flames, etc. -
Clean the varnished surfaces only with a slightly moist cloth.
Do not use abrasive or corrosive substances or hard cleaning brushes under any circumstance.
Caution! A child might climb a high chair, a child's table or a child's bench placed next to a window. Then the child might fall out of the window.
Design by Tico Torres (Bon Jovi drummer)
A story that started over 85 years ago: roba was founded in 1927 by Robert Baumann, who originally worked as a white cooper. Later, roba developed from a classic cottage industry making wooden toys, to a manufacturer of innovative furniture, toys and accessories. Today, roba is an internationally-operating company with its own production sites in Hungary and in China. The family-run company stands for individual, holistic solutions in the field of life, living and playing with babies and children.