Kafijas galdiņš IGGY

Ražotājs: Kokoon Design

€ 166.00

An understated, timeless design combined with natural, elegant materials – Scandinavian refinement in all its glory! The pair of IGGY nested tables are identical apart from one detail: the height difference between the tables, which add an extra touch of versatility. Each table features a tempered glass top affixed to a lightly oiled solid oak base. The result is simply stunning. The IGGY nested tables can be used as occasional tables, coffee tables, or a side table beside a sofa or bed. Whats more, these chic, trendy, design-inspired pieces come at an unbelievably low price. The ideal way to add a touch of design to home without breaking the bank.
Lenght (cm): 50
Width (cm): 50
Height (cm): 45
Primary material: Glass
Outside use: No
Structure: Solid oak
Feet material: Solid oak
Assembely: Yes
KoKoon Design is a young designer furniture brand based in Belgium. Over the last 10 years, KoKoon’s style has spread throughout Europe. Our customers – based in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Krakow and elsewhere – have become accustomed to the cutting-edge designer atmosphere that our furniture brings.
Our stylists draw inspiration from the latest design trends, developing collections that add a resolutely modern touch to the interior of your dreams.
Each year, we release around 50 new pieces, with our collections currently totalling more than 500 items. We offer a wide selection of tables, chairs, bar stools, lighting fixtures, armchairs, and much more besides – furniture and decorative items to suit all tastes, from vintage through to contemporary and Scandinavian.