Ražotājs: MINT

€ 114.00

Black stained ash
MINT basket can serve as a practical piece for dry waste, as a laundry basket, or for storing other items, and it can be a design element enhancing the MINT collection feel in a room. The natural wood finish and the round shape contribute to warmth and cosiness of the room.
Design by Jānis Rauza
Material: Wood
Handmade, partly-industrial, Eco
Awards / Collections: BLUEPRINT AWARDS 2010 100% Design London Winner; Award in Design 2010 Latvia
Dimensions: d=286/240 mm,h = 400 mm d=352/303 mm,h = 400 mm
MINT. A breath of fresh air blowing through your home when a window is open.
MINT. Furniture which opens up space to allow your thoughts and heart to fly. Natural, breathing materials, buoyant colours, and freedom for you.
MINT. Arrange, fix, combine and shape your space easily.
MINT. Light Living.