Bāra galds PODIO 90

Ražotājs: CANCIO

€ 538.00

Bezmaksas Piegāde
Augstais galds virtuvei vai publiskajām telpām - ar koka kājām un epoksīda virsmas pārklājumu.
Virsma un rāmis - ar epoksīdu pārklāts tērauds. Virsmas biezums 65 mm; 1,5 mm epoksīda pārklājums.
Kājas - iegarena sešstūra forma; 81,5x41,5 mm; masīvs bērzkoks; Krāsots (toņi: Bleached, Toasted, Canaletto, Truffle) vai lakots (toņi: White, Black, Anthracite).
Galda augstums: 90 cm
Virsmas izmēri un sēdvietu kapacitāte: 60x60 cm - 2; 80x80 cm - 4; 100x60 cm - 4; 120x70 cm - 6
Svars: 12-30 kg, atkarībā no izmēra
Nepieciešama salikšana
Dizaineris: Gorka Bujidos

CANCIO is a family business founded in 1959 specialized in the manufacture of tables, chairs and stools. CANCIO designs and produces all its range in the premises located in Villalba de los Alcores, Valladolid (Spain), a factory with a surface of 13.000m2  

Our work is conceived at a high level of aesthetic and technical detail and is focused to offer modern and functional solutions for any kitchen, dining or contract space.

The history of CANCIO is the history of the founder, Gregorio Cancio, whose origins are in Madrid where he started working as a cabinet-maker at the end of the 1950’s. In 1958 he moved to Villalba de los Alcores with his team, his home town where Cancio put down roots. In 2016, 20 years after the death of “Goyo”, his fighting spirit and creative character live on in the young team which is today’s CANCIO.

Some of the reasons why choosing Cancio is a good idea

  1. Produced in Spain, with the best European Quality Standards.
  2. 60 years of experience in furniture manufacture.
  3. Agile and flexible production processes which allow us to offer a quick delivery of any item.
  4. Adaptable to any space necessity with some customised products.
  5. Wide range of finishes allow to offer solutions for any furnishing demand.
  6. We like Design. We have our own Design and Development Team and we also collaborate with freelance designers.
  7. We use respectful and not pollutant processes, with the most possible recyclable components.
  8. Our products are distributed exclusively through authorised establishments of recognised prestige.