Klubkrēsls SLING

Ražotājs: BePureHome

€ 677.00

This newcomer to the BePureHome collection is just as different from the regular armchair. This Sling armchair has a sturdy natural look and is a true asset to the interior. The frame is made of acacia wood and the seat is made of 100% genuine leather in the colour black. This seat height is 40 cm at the front and the deepest point is 30 cm. The acacia wood used for this piece of furniture is a unique natural product which, after careful selection, has been processed in a traditional way in the country of origin. It is unique and characteristic in every respect; no piece of wood is the same in shape, structure or colour, so colour shades are inevitable even within a single piece of furniture.

Material: Wood, Leather
Sizes: 70x71x94cm

Pure excitement, that's what we feel looking at our new products welcoming a new season. Stunning carpets, cosy plaids, candles to glow in the evening and furniture turning your house in a home. All the products with our pure, rough and unique looks!

BePureHome - inspiration and good feelings.....Enjoy!