Klubkrēsls RODEO CLASSIC leather

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BePureHome's new classic Rodeo series is modern, tough and contemporary. This 1.5 seater classic armchair is generous and features a sturdy fabric, Recycled leather. Thanks to her slim frame and loose cushions, the armchair shows subtly in the living room. The legs are made of black metal and have a height of 16 cm. The seat height is 47 cm, the seat depth is 58 cm, the seat width is 58 cm and the height of the armrests is 72 cm.
What is Recycled Leather? When cutting the patterns of the hides and skins, factories are left with remnants. These remnants are crushed and we make a new fabric out of this: Recycled leather. Recycled leather consists of 70% genuine leather and 30% polyester. The fabric is made up of two materials: the underlayer consists of recycled genuine leather, which gives it its natural and unique appearance. The leather is protected by a polyester coating which prevents unevenness and makes it a sturdy combination fabric.
Maintenance: Recycled leather cannot be treated with grease for leather. Recycled leather can be maintained as follows: a damp cloth can be used to clean the fabric. In case of stains, you can use a neutral soap solution to remove the stains. After removing the stain, wipe the fabric with a damp cloth.
Dimensions: 83x98x88cm
Assembly required

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