Lietussargu statīvs CASAMBRELLA

Ražotājs: Progetti

€ 423.00

Casambrella is an attractive umbrella stand created with steel wire that expert craftsmen have cut, bent and welded by hand to resemble the structure of an umbrella. The handle completes the structure which rests on a circular base with a high rim to hold the water that drips from the wet umbrellas.
Design by Ilya Titov
Height: 110 cm
Diameter: 36 cm
Progetti creations, made of wood, metal, plastics and other materials, without the constraints of manufacturing or technology, leaving great freedom of action, are designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes, attentive to exclusivity and to detail, but also the expectations of a wider audience and young, sensitive to new things, natural and ecological materials, simple and emotional design.