Grāmatu skapis COLLAR

Ražotājs: QUODES

€ 1,000.00

Bezmaksas Piegāde

Modular cabinets inspired by the collar of a traditional Japanese shirt, which playfully echoes in the decorative metal fronts. For individual use or in a composition, on the floor or wall mounted.

These MDF / metal containers function as individual chest of drawers / side board or bookcases but can be combined, forming attractive configurations for storing books etc.

Design by Nendo

NENDO is a Tokyo and Milan based design studio, founded by Oki Sato. NENDO concentrates on tranquil products and technically advanced research.
The modular COLLAR cabinets are inspired by the collar of a shirt, which playfully echoes in the decorative metal fronts.

Material: Lacquered MDF 
Model option: Floor or Wall Mounting

Quodes is a Dutch design driven furniture company founded in 2006. The collection consists of tables and side tables, storage units such as bookshelves and sideboards, a stool as well as a mirror and soon some chairs. All produced in Europe.
We offer contemporary and authentic pieces with a timeless quality designed for the private home, office environment and hospitality spaces. All our items are potentially ‘lifetime companions’ and thus, personal in style and sustainable in production. With Quodes designs you can turn any space in an attractive and inspiring place.
In every piece we strive for the perfect balance between craftsmanship and intelligent manufacturing. As a result you can often choose your own colours, model variation or material option.