Biroja krēsls SALYUT

Ražotājs: Kokoon Design

€ 662.00

Bezmaksas Piegāde
SALYUT is an ergonomic chair with cutting-edge design, offering unrivalled comfort. With its multiple adjustment systems, this directors office chair is designed for intensive use, providing maximum comfort over many hours of work. The seat adjusts to the incline of the backrest automatically, offering exceptional back support. Try it for yourself… you wont regret it.
Lenght (cm): 65
Width (cm): 69
Height (cm): 136
Primary material: Textile
Armrest height (cm): 15 - 23 (adjustable)
Back width (cm): 40,0
Back height (cm): 49 - 56
Seat width (cm): 47,0
Seat depth (cm): 54,0
Adjustable in height: Yes
Sitting height (cm): 48 - 59 cm (adjustable)
Base diameter (cm): 70,0
Maximum sustainable weight (kg): 120kg
360° Rotation: Yes
Rocking back: Yes
Headrest adjustable in height: Yes
Assembely: Yes
KoKoon Design is a young designer furniture brand based in Belgium. Over the last 10 years, KoKoon’s style has spread throughout Europe. Our customers – based in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Krakow and elsewhere – have become accustomed to the cutting-edge designer atmosphere that our furniture brings.
Our stylists draw inspiration from the latest design trends, developing collections that add a resolutely modern touch to the interior of your dreams.
Each year, we release around 50 new pieces, with our collections currently totalling more than 500 items. We offer a wide selection of tables, chairs, bar stools, lighting fixtures, armchairs, and much more besides – furniture and decorative items to suit all tastes, from vintage through to contemporary and Scandinavian.