Galdiņu komplekts COUPLE, 2 gab

Ražotājs: BePureHome

€ 170.00

Set of 2 - Couple sidetables is an elegant addition to your interior. The sidetables have different sizes. The bigger table has the sizes (hxwxd) 80x47,5x47,5 cm and the smaller table has the sizes (hxwxd) 70,5x41x41 cm. The thickness of the table top is for both tables 4 cm. The top of the table top is finished in a black color. The frame is made of metal (iron) and finished in the color antique brass. The Set of 2 - Couple sidetables is part of the BePureHome collection.

Color finish: Antique brass
Material: Metal
Dimensions: 80x47,5x47,5/70,5x41x41cm

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